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                                           WHAT REALLY IS ONDAMED?


ONDAMED® is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency device that offers a highly specific biophysical analysis and application based on electromagnetic inductivity. Its principles are based on biophysics.

Using the patient's pulse and the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) detectable in it as the bio-feedback medium, the practitioner rapidly scans the body's preferences and determines areas of meridian blockage. At the same time, the needed frequencies or pre-bundled programs of the ONDAMED® system required to support the client's physical and emotional well-being are delivered, bringing the client back into balance.

The vascular autonomic signal is a pulse feedback method developed by Dr. Paul Nogier in 1968. Nogier discovered there are 4 pulse responses to stimuli: no response, the weakening of the pulse signal, the increase of the pulse signal and a sharp spike. Pulse spikes occur as ONDAMED® scans through frequencies or as the practitioner runs the system’s 174 pre-bundled programs or by moving ONDAMED® applicators over areas of the body with energy blockages.

By dialling into these stored frequencies and programs, the practitioner matches your body's specific frequencies against those of the ONDAMED® system. When a frequency or program match occurs, a vascular autonomic signal is triggered off in the pulse - an indication that that particular frequency or program is needed by the body. In this way, it is your body that tells the physician what it needs.

Significantly, each ONDAMED session is unique for each patient and is independent of prior sessions. In view of the absolute dynamism of the human body, it is an in-the-moment interaction between system and patient.

As has been proven for the past 13 years the ONDAMED® Biofeedback System makes any current treatment protocol work faster and more effectively so that, in time, reduced dosages and numbers of drugs are required, if at all. ONDAMED® is a simple and gentle, yet most effective application used for the purpose of inducing healing.




Because ONDAMED® has no side effects whatsoever, it is of benefit to everyone including animals and at any time also! Just as breathing in fresh air or drinking fresh water never fails to refresh and to rejuvenate, so is the effect of an ONDAMED® session at any time. For many years now numerous patients have demonstrated that ONDAMED® unravels complexities that defy medical understanding, potentiating the body's ability to regulate and repair itself.

Whether you are a health practitioner in some institution or a private individual in your own home, ONDAMED® will be a priceless tool in your bid to keep you and your loved ones in good health and getting more out of life.




Most people will already know about the ECG (ElectroCardioGraph). Many may already have had one done at their doctors’. It is a simple procedure that picks up and records the electricity in and around the heart.

A heart cannot function without its electrical parts that generate, conduct and so guarantee the flow of electricity through it to keep it beating. Sometimes its beating even has to be carried on by an implanted external electricity-generating device (a pacemaker). It is the same with our brains. The EEG (ElectroEncephaloGraph) picks up and records the electricity in and around the brain, the so-called ‘brain waves’.

So both the ECG and the EEG pick up waves, and we hope, that these waves are normal. Sometimes they are not. There are many more waves in our body which have not been used yet by doctors. Examples include electrical waves of ill parts of our body. ONDAMED® has done decades of research and can use these “ill” waves. It can find them and stimulate healing with special waves of its own, which fit exactly to the “ill” waves.




A series of 10 sessions, each lasting no longer than 30 to 45 minutes, is recommended but it really depends on the state of the body concerned and how far removed from good health it is. In many cases patients have felt definite and lasting improvement after no more than just one session. The issue however is really to “retune” the entire body optimally. Commonly there are immediate responses of feeling better and being energized and calmed down, but the aim is to ‘win the war rather than just a battle’!




This is solid empirical knowledge gained through 20 years of experiments and research by inspired and highly intuitive Rolf Binder, the inventor of ONDAMED®. This knowledge of the frequencies has since been proven by hundreds of practitioners to be of astounding and unparalleled accuracy.

Dr Wolf-Dieter Kessler has been a physician for 34 years. His clinic in Northern Germany is a leading institute for treating acute and chronic diseases. He was part of the lung transplant team at Montefiore Hospital in New York performing mainly electronmicroscopical research on both human and canine transplanted lungs. He says: “I have been using these data since 1997 and consider them as a gift from a true genius. They have been most reliable and beyond question to me. They have been a corner-stone both for me and about 4,000 patients in my daily practice throughout these years”.




It is indeed possible to use the device on oneself and many people do this on a regular basis. Provision is however made for you to nominate 2 other persons who along with you will be provided two days of training free of charge.




ONDAMED® has a short learning curve for anyone who wishes to use it. It comes with a Training CD which clearly and very simply demonstrates and instructs on how it is to be used. You may therefore commence its usage immediately if you so wish.

Otherwise and in addition, you (and any 2 other persons of your choice) will be provided two days of training after which you will be fully functional in operating it. There are no pre-requisites at all to learning to use the device.

Depending on your inclination, additional refresher courses and advanced training are also available although these are not required for its regular use. Many practitioners have been personally trained on the device and have not had the need for any further training.

Space requirements are minimal needing only to comfortably accommodate the operator, the patient and the device. The device is about the size of a VCR and can be placed on a small table. Patients may sit or lie down during the session.




Any ONDAMED® practitioner or user definitely needs a basic training in the use of the device. This involves no more than learning to feel the vascular autonomic signals (VAS) that feed back in the pulse as the body responds to a particular frequency. This is a procedure that anyone can learn within a short time of practice. There’s a two-day training offered free to every ONDAMED® buyer.

Over and beyond this, the use of ONDAMED® is absolutely independent of the skill of the practitioner since very definite frequencies (indicated by the patient’s pulse) are what is in use. Of course, there is the need to be aware also of the 4 modules that are available in ONDAMED®. The simplicity of the process is the reason why many patients go on to buy their own devices and thereafter become lucrative practitioners.

The reason why the results of ONDAMED® are objective and reproducible is the very fact that its use is independent of the practitioner.




The impulses delivered by ONDAMED® generate a current of electricity in the cells of the order of millivolts. It is however completely safe because it never delivers more than what the body's own electrical system generates. Muscle contraction for instance generates about 80 millivolts whereas ONDAMED® never exceeds 40 to 50 millivolts.

One of the effects of ONDAMED® therapy is detoxification. This may, soon after treatment, result in the passage of foul smelling stool, urine or even bodily sweat. Sometimes, the detoxification process may, in addition, take the form of a sore on some part of the body from which drains fluid for a short period and then heals completely as recovery follows on.

On rare occasions, there occurs a brief exaggeration of the presenting symptom, quickly followed by the onset of relief and resolution.

All of these are healing reactions which confirm that a response has been elicited in the cells. Usually, treatment would be suspended as soon as any such reaction begins and for as long as it lasts. Treatment, if necessary, will be recommenced after it has subsided.




There have been rare cases in which ONDAMED® failed to reach (rather than help) the patient. These were ones in which the patient was on a heavy regime of pharmaceuticals, the reduction of which, out of fear, they declined. Pharmaceuticals in large enough quantities can sometimes isolate and act as a barrier needing to be penetrated by the ELFs (Extremely Low Frequency waves) that ONDAMED® uses.

Paradoxically, when, as is commonly the case, these waves are able to reach a patient on medications, they always have the effect of enhancing the action of such drugs and so permitting the reduction of their doses and eventual discontinuance.




* CE approval in Europe

* FDA registration in the U.S.

* Overwhelming simplicity of use guarantees that you hit the ground running with it (No tuition fees, no elaborate syllabus, no exams to sweat over. Just two days of FREE training required)

* On account of simplicity, practitioner skill is, as such, eliminated as a factor in successful treatment

* Easy saleability to patients

* Scientific Endorsement by Dr. Jim Oschman (ONDAMED® is the only technology he endorses)

* Scientific Endorsement by Dr. Valerie Hunt (ONDAMED® is the only technology she endorses)

* Several Clinical studies in Germany, Denmark and in the U.S. on-going and completed, with the latter showing very highly significant results

* On-going education in this emerging field provided by a variety of well known scientists and practitioners

* Access to some of the most brilliant minds in the field of energy medicine, such as Dr. Jim Oschman

But besides all of these, what really separates ONDAMED® from other Energy medicine devices is that through its unique vascular autonomic signal bio-feedback method, the directive for treatment comes from the patient rather than from the practitioner. Whereas with other devices, the practitioner offers the patient what he suspects the patient needs, with ONDAMED®, the practitioner is told by the patient via his pulse feed-back response where and what (i.e. with which frequency) to treat.


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