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ONDAMED® has taken medical practice to a NEW level. Medicine will never be the same again.

The ONDAMED® technology is at least 50 years ahead of the health technology in the world today! You cannot afford to be left behind in this march forwards. Find out now about the need to keep your practice effective and relevant in this paradigm shift.


Dear Practitioner,

In a few decades scientists have gone from a conviction that the idea of energy fields in and around the human body is pure nonsense to an absolute certainty that they do indeed exist.

Research on Electromagnetic fields (H.S.Burr, Yale University 1972) showed that plants and animals have a specific electromagnetic field which he (Burr) called L (Life) field. He found that a frog could not re-grow a cut leg whereas a salamander was able to do so. When, however, the electromagnetic field of the frog was replaced with that of the salamander, the frog’s leg re-grew after being cut!


Physics vs. Chemistry

The human body is first and foremost a field of electricity and like it or not, it is this human energetic electromagnetic field that we are dealing with. Inevitably therefore, the basis of healing henceforth will undoubtedly be physics.

The statement ‘Physics precedes Chemistry’ must from now on occupy a key place in the sub conscious mind of every practitioner who proposes to carry on any form of healing in the future.

Physics does indeed precede chemistry and should be the basis for any therapeutic attempt. While chemical reactions take a time span of milliseconds, information exchange in electronic conduction takes only femtel seconds! The difference is as night and day, comparable to walking from Brighton to Thurso and back as compared to taking a British Airways flight!


ELFs & Living Systems

Each organ in the body has been shown to emit a different electromagnetic ray than the others. Accordingly, they resonate to different magnetic frequencies. These frequencies can even be put in water for the patient to take home and drink! Rolf Binder, the inventor of ONDAMED®, knew about the discovery by medical researchers that magnetic pulses can be used in ‘jump starting’ the repair mechanism in living systems. The researchers showed that extremely low frequencies (ELF) provided a powerful healing effect on these systems. The ELF range is arbitrarily defined as frequencies below 100 Hz (Miller 1986).

The well known low frequency Schumann resonance system, which ranges mostly within 7 – 10 Hz. and in special conditions up to 40 Hz. is very closely associated with life itself. Our brain waves also operate in exactly the same range of frequencies.

Through harmonics, there are also other frequencies involved. ONDAMED® uses these Extremely Low Frequencies as well as those ranging up to 32,000 Hz. which is still quite low.


Electrons - The Ultimate Anti-Oxidants

Medicine has up till now given numerous names to various health maladies some of which are so confusing as to require a life time to master. The simple truth however is that imbalance by way of a blockage or leakage in the body's energy field is what is primarily accountable for any presenting malady, and this manifests in no other way than as INFLAMMATION of some focus or the other.

Two groups at Harvard Medical School who carried out large scale studies of inflammatory markers in tens of thousands of subjects found that those with an elevated CRP had a higher tendency towards cardio-vascular disease; and also that just about all the chronic diseases including those of aging, could be correlated with elevated levels of CRP and higher levels of inflammation. The study indicated that multiple sites of inflammation was the culprit in several diseases of aging that have been very difficult to treat.

Inflammation is an oxidative process in which free radicals (destructive agents that rip electrons from tissues such as membranes, DNA etc.) are liberated in relatively large quantities. They can be neutralised by a spray of electrons into the cells. Inflammation therefore is nothing more than 'a cry of the tissue for electrons'.

Experiments show that anti-oxidants are the prime destructive agents at sites of Inflammation. And the prime remedy at these sites are electrons. Low frequency waves delivered by ONDAMED® are able to drive electrons directly to the sites of inflammation in a way that electron-bearing drugs just have not been able to do because they have a problem percolating into the tissues to reach the inflammatory pockets.

The electron is thus the ultimate anti-oxidant. Conduction in different tissues is frequency-dependent and with the right frequency, electrons can be delivered very rapidly into sites of inflammation. The challenge is to select the right frequency and ONDAMED® has a very sophisticated way of doing this.

Hence electrons are really the bottom-line issue in vital cell processes. Even ATP production in the cells is dependent on the efficiency of the Electron transport chain such that anything that improves the latter is invariably desirable for the body.


'Inflammation' Not 'Disease'

This great simplification thus precludes the need to give multifarious names to various disease processes since there is no disease as such, only inflammation i.e. disordered or disabled flow of electrons (energy) . It suffices to know that there is some inflamed area of the body, some area abnormally bereft of electrons, and to use ONDAMED® to find and heal such an area, via the delivery of electrons borne by the appropriate low frequency waves.

This idea of giving names to conditions and labelling human beings with it is of such vital emotional force and devastating consequence on the patient that every conscientious physician must now do a re-think on it. Consider the difference between telling a patient: "You have cancer of the liver and we will treat it" and telling him "You had an energy imbalance and we have corrected it". The former is so dis-empowering it is enough to drive the patient to the grave. The latter is what the ONDAMED® practitioner is able to tell his patient with every word of it being absolutely true.

By using the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) from the patient's pulse, the ONDAMED® practitioner is able to quickly determine which frequencies from the device resonate with the patient and so will effect the necessary flow of electrons into the vital areas desperately needing them.

The workings of ONDAMED® validate, simplify and apply the cumulative scientific thinking on Anti-Aging, hormones, ATP, Stem Cell Therapy, metabolism, stress relief, etc. because it is the basis of them all. ONDAMED® supplies the missing link that has always been the one energetic requirement in all health issues namely: the prompt delivery of electrons to sites of inflammation.


Simplify! Simplify!! Simplify!!!

Because these workings are based on safe, objective and reproducible facts of physics, the device is the first tool in complementary medicine that can wholly and impeccably stand up for itself.

Hence the doctor no longer needs to ask a patient what his complaints are before treating him. Rather, he tells the patient the reasons he has (or should have) come to the clinic!!! Without a word from the patient, he is able with this device to pick up any issues requiring attention in him and to subsequently set his body firmly on the road to recovery.


Patient Confidence

With ONDAMED®, the general experience has been that patient numbers swell as word spreads of the positive results obtained.

Absolute confidence in you wells up within your patient, when without him telling you a word of what his problem is, you are able not only to tell him all about it but also to get him feeling better right there before he leaves your clinic. The patient’s history is no longer required in treating him. It will only serve later to confirm that ONDAMED® has indeed picked up on the right issues.

If the patient’s history does not include any of the issues thrown up by the device, it is because symptoms have not yet developed, and given time, they will without doubt do so if the issue remains unresolved.

And ONDAMED® can be effective for practically all your patients!

Numerous cases have demonstrated that ONDAMED® unravels complexities that have defied medical understanding, potentiating the body's ability to regulate and repair itself. Probably the most dramatic result in most cases is the resolution of pain and the establishment in its place of a feeling of well-being. Cases like Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, HIV & AIDS, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, osteoporosis and various other such conditions that have, up till now, proved intractable have shown a startling turn-around with ONDAMED®.

As a medical practitioner, you will unfailingly and quickly discover that ONDAMED® is an INDISPENSABLE tool to your practice today. So much so that it becomes a crime to let any client through your clinic without treating him or her with the device.


The frequencies of the ONDAMED® Biofeedback System break through disordered cellular communication in a stream of intermittent impulses or waves, hence the name 'ONDAMED' which derives from the Latin word 'onda' for wave.

This pulsatile delivery gives the body time to create counter impulses. The pauses between the wave impulses serve to allow the body to activate a regulating response in the cells.

Consequently, stagnant conditions are transformed into active ones in the process of normalization. This transformation leads the body through a rapid reversal of symptoms. A self-healing process is induced to which the patient quickly responds.

Among others, theorists such as Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, have argued that physis proceeds from the cellular to the humoral level, as the organism seeks to repair whatever damage it has suffered. ONDAMED® demonstrates the wisdom of this brilliant physician.


Requirements & Training

Incorporating the ONDAMED® System into your practice is rather simple. Space requirements are minimal needing only to comfortably accommodate the operator, the patient and the device. The device is about the size of a VCR and can be placed on a small table. Patients may sit or lie down during the session.

ONDAMED® has a short learning curve. It comes with a Training CD which clearly and very simply demonstrates and instructs on how it is to be used. You may therefore commence its usage immediately if you so wish.

Otherwise and in addition, you will be provided two days of training after which you will be fully functional in operating it. You may also put 2 other persons forward for training to become ‘trained therapists’. There are no pre-requisites to learning to use the device.

Depending on the inclination of the therapist, additional refresher courses and advanced training are also available although these are not required for its regular use.

Many practitioners have been personally trained on the device, besides their staff, and have not had the need for any further training.


Breaking Even

Typical applications or sessions last about 30 to 45 minutes and although some individuals may need 10-15 sessions to see optimum results, excellent responses are obtained on numerous occasions after much fewer sessions.

Based on recent experience, the ONDAMED® System can pay itself off in as little as 3 months for an average practice seeing 5 to 8 patients per day. The device is designed to last at least 10 years.

Once you have made the decision to incorporate ONDAMED® into your practice, you must prepare to deal with 3 issues that are likely to result:

1.    The warmth and gratitude of several patients for relief from symptoms they have nursed unsuccessfully for years

2.    Acclaim for you and your clinic as a place of ‘miracles’ and

3.    A rapid increase in your patient load that usually results due to spread of ONDAMED’s benefits by patients’ word of mouth advertising!

ONDAMED® has taken the medical world by storm and because word is very rapidly spreading about its excellence, clients are increasingly requesting for it from their practitioners. Woe betides any practitioner that cannot deliver!!!


The Taste of the Pudding......

You can get a feel for the blessings that ONDAMED® can lend to your practice and indeed, has lent to other practitioners' practices, by listening to recordings of ONDAMED® teleconferences held in the last few months here.

ONDAMED® telephone conferences dialled into by many practitioners and users of the device world-wide are held once every 3 to 4 weeks in which experiences, questions and suggestions are shared and discussed. If you would like to listen in to the next conference, simply send an email to and the telephone number and code will be sent you for access. You may also send any questions arising to


Furthermore, you may email for information on when and where the next free ONDAMED® Demonstration and/or Training session will take place.


Purchase Leasing

The ONDAMED® device may be purchased via a leasing arrangement. This makes it possible to acquire the device without having to tie down capital needed for other things. With a fixed monthly payment that will not change throughout the term, this may be preferred to a loan because the equipment serves as its own security at a very attractive rate. Should this be your preferred option, you may email for more details.


You have a solid Guarantee

ONDAMED® comes with a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with it. Furthermore, there is a 1-year replacement/repair guarantee should you have any problems with it subsequently.


A free ONDAMED brochure and DVD are available on request. To obtain them please send an email with your name and address details to, indicating whether you are a practitioner or a patient.


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