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With ONDAMED®, you can walk, work, play, remain looking young and live without pain and in good health once again!

Where some doctor tells you 'you have cancer of the liver and we will treat it', the ONDAMED® practitioner says 'you had an energy imbalance and we have corrected it' and every word of it is absolutely true. Find out now how you can rediscover that pain-free, energetic and exciting life you once knew ............and right there in the privacy of your home.


Dear Fellow Lover of Good Health,

If there are ANY health issues that have for long or only recently made life in any way less of the happy and exciting affair it used to be, then you urgently need to know more about this device ONDAMED®.

How much of the joy of life have you had to give up in recent times on account of your health problem? And how much more do you fear losing in the course of time? Well, that simply needs not be, needs not ever have been.

ONDAMED® has turned around the lives of many. You can reach out now for the goodness it offers in order to find the succour you have only been able to dream of so far.

What is the issue with you? Is it pain, low energy, weight, sleep, personality or psychological disorders, organic disease, drug dependence or are you simply aging too fast for your liking? The list is endless.

ONDAMED® is highly effective in ALL of these conditions because it does not treat any of them singly but restores wholeness to the body as an integral unit. Guided by the authentic vascular autonomic signals from the pulse, it is able to detect any imbalances in the body's energy field, and correcting them, to restore the body to its natural state….which is one of perfect health.

Once again, you can sit up, walk, dance……all unaided; and even play that sport you’ve always wanted to but have not been able to due to pain, limited joint movement or whatever other reason.

Doctors all over the world have been meeting recently to discuss the amazing wonder that is this device and its accomplishments. You can read of some of these in the Testimonials section of this site or listen to some of their delebrations here.

In them you will get to know of the recovery (quite often, nothing short of the miraculous) experienced by people with various conditions. In practically all cases, there has been possible a gradual phasing out of the numerous medicines they were previously religiously but largely unsatisfactorily taking.




Get rid of that pain and start to live again


Some of the most dramatic effects of ONDAMED® have been on pain. And just as well. So many suffer from its debilitating and severely limiting effects. Imagine what a new lease of life awaits you if that pain were to suddenly disappear. And this exactly has been the experience of many who have used ONDAMED®. Overnight and PERMANENTLY, the pain they had had to endure for years came to an end.


YOU will experience the same.


VF was 81 years old when he was told by his doctors that he needed a total knee replacement. He had bone rubbing on bone in his knee and could hardly move let alone walk. After the fourth session of ONDAMED, it was like a light switch flipped on! VF walked into his practitioner's office and needlessly but triumphantly announced that he could walk again! See him here.



Look young, stay young and regain energetic radiant health once again. Earn the respect, admiration and love of those you know and meet.

As yet, no one has been able to bottle the Fountain of youth so ONDAMED® boxed it! The detoxification component that accompanies every ONDAMED® session coupled with the device's ability to recondition the psyche of the user help to restore your youthful vigour and ensure that you remain active and looking young.  


So many opportunities in life pass us by because we fail to make the necessary impact on other people at critical times due to lack of confidence about the way we look and feel.


With the renewed energy and feeling of well being that commonly results from sessions of ONDAMED®, you can look and feel good again, and open up for your self fresh opportunities that arise simply from presenting yourself better at all times.



Your Depression will lift as Emotional Stability sets in for you


At some point in their treatment, many users of ONDAMED® report the sensation of a 'shift' within them which they are able to identify as the definite turning point for the better. From this point on, there comes a new and uplifted perception of self that dispels depression and lightens the mood.


With a fresh burst of energy and well-being will come rekindled interest in all the good things that life offers. Depression will no longer have a place.



Quit smoking and other addictions


It is widely admitted that the only reason a majority of smokers and drug users engage in their habit is that they cannot stop it. Many would quit their habit today if only they could. Nicotine and other drug use result from an underlying state of unease that generates a desire to 'feel better'.


The truth however is that you can feel better without any of these substances and this has been the experience of many after just a single session of ONDAMED®! Yes, that is absolutely correct - JUST ONE session of ONDAMED® is all you need to quit your addiction as your body learns with great relief what 'feeling good' really means!


With the onset of natural well-being, drug-taking, either out of fear of symptoms or because of dependence or addiction simply becomes unnecessary and unattractive.



Regain your independence. No longer need the help and pity of people.


ONDAMED® has restored the freedom of several individuals by making it possible again for them to regain their agility. No longer do they depend on others for basic functions such as having a bath or even putting a spoon to their mouths. Several individuals who had been confined to their homes, bed-ridden or locked in wheel chairs on account of illness now not only walk freely about but are able to exercise regularly. If you are presently limited in your ability to fend for your self, the use of ONDAMED® can put an end to this and restore your personal dignity.



Remain in good health if you are not presently ill


Good health is not merely the absence of disease. The ability to derive pleasure from simple everyday things and in whatever your hands find to do is one of the signs of optimal health. ONDAMED® will unlock for you the secret of living harmoniously with first, yourself and then, inevitably, with your friends and associates.


This is why anyone and at any time can do with a session of ONDAMED®. It is like breathing fresh air or drinking fresh water. The effect is always the same.....refreshment and rejuvenation!



Slash hospital bills if you must still spend there


Healthy individuals often don't know where the local hospital is! And if they do, they have no idea what goes on in them! You can now live your life sweetly and deliciously oblivious of the routine you have up till now followed of trudging regularly to health institutions holding forth your hard-earned money for help that often is at best only fleeting.


Today, you and I are loath to leave the comfort of our homes for any reason whatever. We want to work from home, play, shop, bank and of course eat and drink…all without having to leave home if we don’t want to.

Thanks to the blessing of the internet, this has become possible to a much greater extent than before. So we have more time to spend on all the fun things we enjoy. And why not, life is supposed to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest.

So far however, we have had little choice about being treated for our health issues from home. We always have to ‘go and see the doctor’. But thank goodness, technology marches on. And it is this relentless march that now throws up this amazing device ONDAMED®.

The Hospitals and their numerous services still have their place for several health issues. Thanks to ONDAMED® however, YOU can now sort and treat a whole range of these issues without having to leave the comfort of your bed! Without that disturbing, disruptive, uncomfortable and definitely unwanted trip to the hospital. Without the ever present risk of contacting a fresh infection to add to the one you already have.

Take a closer look at this ONDAMED® option and realize in joy that this is what you've been missing and been waiting for for years. You can now keep much if not all of the money you previously spent on so-called "health care". With ONDAMED®, new and wonderful possibilities have emerged and are awaiting your call.


Play that sport again if that is your wish

LU had for 10 years been paralysed in a wheel chair and more or less confined to her home, having been struck down by Multiple Sclerosis (a disease of the nervous system). She has since never gone through a summer without severe pains because the heat always seems to bring them on and was on the largest dose of Neuroxin possible. After just a few months of treatment with ONDAMED®, LU is completely pain-free and does not have any trace of neuropathy left. She now can not only exercise regularly but goes swimming anytime the fancy takes her!


It was this same disease that ended prematurely the glowing career of Jacqueline du Pré, the famous and highly talented British cellist who finally passed on in 1987. What a waste, what a shame. If only.........


You can play that sport again if you so wish. Get ONDAMED® and prove it to yourself.



Attention Sports men and women, Managers & Trainers!


Pain from muscle and joint damage constitutes your number one enemy, does it not? How many times have you had to watch yourself (or your player) falter in action, held back by that nagging pain or injury, when you know you could have delivered a lot more and perhaps even made the difference to your performance or the team's?


ONDAMED® will banish that pain and heal your bone and tissue damage in record time, facilitating a quick return to your best on the field. You need not waste away on the reserve bench or perhaps even fail to participate at all on account of fitness problems.



Treat yourself and your family and friends........ and charge them for it if you wish!


Many who recovered from serious 'incurable' conditions have, from using it on themselves, become so proficient with ONDAMED® that they have gone on to become trainers of others in the use of the device. So desirable is this possibility the device offers of treating yourself in privacy without having to let anyone in on the act if you don't want to.


And you may recover the costs of your device by charging others for treating them or for letting them use it!



Help your pets, horses and farm animals back to good health and slash your vet bills.


Because ONDAMED® works just the same on animals, you can treat your pets, horses or farm animals with it. The results with animals have been no less astounding as in humans.


BB is a 160 Ib male dog who tested positive for heartworm disease but has no symptoms. He is being treated with ONDAMED® and in spite of how active he is, he will sit still for 45-minute sessions, only occasionally shifting his weight, to receive the treatment. It is as if the creature recognizes the goodness reaching it through the device!


With ONDAMED®, excellent results have been obtained with seriously ailing sheep, paralyzed dogs, horses and several other animals.



In short, get a life........get a new life style!


Simply amazing are the opportunities and doors that ONDAMED® opens up for anyone. You can, as it were, start on a fresh new page of life for yourself simply by the acquisition of this simple device.


This is why it was said at the beginning that you can walk, work, play, look good and live in comfort and well-being again because ONDAMED® is here!





Save much of the money you now spend on Healthcare

You can keep much of the money you currently spend on medical procedures, drugs, surgery etc., not to count the income lost from time away from work.

Consider what grim despair must attend a situation in which you know or just even vaguely suspect that the practitioners treating you really have no idea what the matter is with you - as is unfortunately the case on many occasions! Yet, you must pay for every bit of this treatment no better than shots aimed in the dark at a mirage.

With ONDAMED®, YOU (your body that is, through its pulse vascular autonomic signals) tell the practitioner exactly where and with what frequency to treat and on account of this, a lot of beating-about-the-bush is saved, and along with it, your precious and hard-earned money.


Save time you previously spent on health issues

With this device, you seemingly add so many more hours to each day. All the time now spent keeping hospital appointments or just sitting worrying about your health or that of some loved one can be spent on other fun things you simply have not had the time for.


ONDAMED is the future!

Energy medicine is the direction in which world-wide healthcare is headed and the reasons are clear for all to see. This makes ONDAMED® indispensable. The chances are that you are going to have to use it sometime in the future. The wisdom of acquiring it now is that you start to enjoy its benefits right away rather than later........when maybe it will be too late.


What is the price of good health to you? Really how much would you price your well-being at? Your being able to get up every morning and meet the day's challenges with the confidence of someone who knows that nothing can take away the new energy and joy of life they feel.

Or maybe the question to ask is how much you have already spent on that health issue and stand still to give up on its account?

A 2-day training is offered free with a purchase and provided by professionals from the ONDAMED® company to ensure that you obtain the very best from the device. It also comes with a CD which clearly and very simply demonstrates and instructs on how it is to be used, so that you may commence its usage immediately if you so wish.

ONDAMED® is a one-off expense. When you consider its overwhelming benefits, this expense fades away into nothingness. What is more, you may pool resources with others in or outside the family to purchase a device which all of you will share.


The Taste of the Pudding......

You can get a feel for the blessings that ONDAMED® can bring into your life and indeed, has brought into the lives of others, by listening to recordings of ONDAMED® teleconferences held in the last few months here.

ONDAMED® telephone conferences dialled into by many practitioners and users of the device world-wide are held once every 3 to 4 weeks in which experiences, questions and suggestions are shared and discussed. If you would like to listen in to the next conference, simply send an email to and the telephone number and code will be sent you for access. You may also send any questions arising to

Furthermore, you may email for information on when and where the next free ONDAMED® Demonstration and/or Training session will take place.


Purchase Leasing

The ONDAMED® device may be purchased via a leasing arrangement. This makes it possible to acquire the device without having to tie down capital needed for other things. With a fixed monthly payment that will not change throughout the term, this may be preferred to a loan because the equipment serves as its own security at a very attractive rate. Should this be your preferred option, you may email for more details.


You have a solid Guarantee

ONDAMED® comes with a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with it. Furthermore, there is a 1-year replacement/repair guarantee should you have any problems with it subsequently.


And finally......

It is not some play thing we are talking about here. This has nothing to do with radionics or mind medicine. It has everything to do with true physics; with your life and how you can live it from now on. It is a process that taps into your very being at the very time to bring about a profound change within you for the better.

Your biological clock is ticking all the time and it makes no sense at all to hesitate or delay. Can you think of a better gift to your self at this point in time?

ONDAMED® .......... a better way to make you better!


A free ONDAMED brochure and DVD are available on request. To obtain them please send an email with your name and address details to, indicating whether you are a practitioner or a patient.


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