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Welcome to the on-line home of ONDAMED®! The following are on offer and yours for the taking right now:


·        The fastest natural and most effective treatment for your ailment

·        Fast and permanent relief from any form of pain

·        A recipe to help you remain looking young and to reverse the effects of aging

·        Freedom from emotional distress and addictions, and greater balance of mind   

·        Resolution of any nutritional inadequacies 

·        A guarantee of optimal health always for you and your pets   

·        Achievement of all of these YOURSELF and PRIVATELY in your own home

·        Achievement of all of these for the clients that you see and manage


ONDAMED® is Energy Medicine

ONDAMED® is a pulsed electromagnetic bio-feedback device invented by Rolf Binder. It has been in use in Germany for over a decade and in the United States for the last 6 years. It has quickly become indispensable for the practise of Energy Medicine – the ‘New Medicine’.

It is based on the concept which recognises that living organisms are energy systems, the state of health of which is determined by the condition and flow of the contained energy. Any imbalance in this flow by way of a blockage or leakage is what underlies every single malady that medicine has given myriads of names to.

The ONDAMED® device is able to find and correct these imbalances and so to reverse ANY ailment arising from them. By feeling the pulse of the patient, the ONDAMED® practitioner is able to detect Vascular Autonomic Signals also known as the VAS and to determine therewith which ONDAMED® waves will help the patient.

The Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) is an arterial wall response discovered by Paul Nogier in 1968. A VAS occurs when specific stimuli such as the waves the ONDAMED® device directs at the patient, meet and resonate with the normal arterial pulse wave (which is loaded with information on the total state of health of the patient). By dialling through the stored frequencies in the ONDAMED® device, the practitioner matches the waves from the device with the normal pulse wave of the patient and determines which ONDAMED® wave (and in which location) resonates with the normal pulse wave and so elicits a vascular autonomic signal.

Such a resonating ONDAMED® wave will, unfailingly, also restore balance into the patient’s energy field and the various bodily organs, and at the same time correct whatever ailments may be on-going at the time.

In this way, it is the absolutely authentic vascular autonomic signal from the patient himself which dictates treatment as opposed to what the practitioner ‘suspects’ or what the patient ‘feels’, both of which, quite often, are from no more than referred signs and symptoms of the moment, having little to do with the primary issue, the origin of which may date back many more years than the patient can now recall.


A Restored Organ Heals Itself

Having been thus restored, the organs spontaneously recover their powers of self repair with the process of healing now able to progress normally. It is as if they are renewed or rejuvenated. Pain and any other symptoms that had existed prior to this exercise simply fade away. It has been found to work even in animals!

In this way, ONDAMED® works by making it possible for the body itself to indicate at the time, what it needs in order to be restored to its natural state of radiant good health.

This is the reason why on practically every occasion, ONDAMED® succeeds with the patient where surgery, pharmaceuticals, remedies and recipes have all failed; and where these do work, ONDAMED® facilitates their action.


Be Easy On Yourself!

What this means, in effect, is that you really need not know what the issue is with you! And, indeed, the medical terms for it are unimportant. Simply get scanned by ONDAMED® and have it deliver to your system the specific therapeutic frequencies that your body needs.....and you can just start feeling better again. No more, no less! It is a truly amazing time that we live in!!!

The dynamism and uniqueness of every human being and animal is what is in question here. No longer need anyone be categorized, boxed up and branded with a diagnostic label then treated strictly as such every time he walks through the door. ONDAMED® compels the practitioner to meet each individual for who they are right here, right now.


ONDAMED® Recognition

In Europe the ONDAMED® System is CE certified as a Class II Medical Therapy Device. The Medical Device Certification GmbH audit has proven that its quality meets all requirements according to Annex VI – Section 3 of the Council Directive 93/42 EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices. In the USA it is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Biofeedback Class II medical device, Cat. Neurology. In addition, ONDAMED® has been approved as a Non-Invasive Secondary Therapeutic Device by AAABEM, an Institutional Review Board for research of treatment of various disorders, which alleviates pain, discomfort or general malaise.

Shari Lieberman, Ph.D., the dean of New York Chiropractic College’s MS degree programme in Applied Clinical Nutrition, is one of several authoritative medical scientists who have and are documenting the numerous cases of ONDAMED® treatment. Several of her documented cases can be found in the testimonials page of this site.

James Oschman, Ph.D. is the mind behind the concept of the "Living Matrix" and the author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis. He is a foremost authority in cell biology and bio-physics and has published several scientific papers in some of the top journals in the world. You may watch his interview in the section of the page to the left. He says:

“It is a revolution. It is quite a breakthrough. What is very exciting is it’s going to help a lot of people who are puzzled by their aches and pains or medical issues; and for the person who can’t find a cure, in spite of talking to the best doctors who are trying their best to help them, here is a technology that can detect the issue, the cause of the issue, not the symptoms, symptoms are not important as the cause, and the ONDAMED® goes to the cause of the problems and corrects the imbalances. I like that a lot, that’s wonderful medicine”.

Wolf-Dieter Kessler, M.D. is a complementary medicine practitioner who has been using ONDAMED® for the past ten years in his flourishing clinic in northern Germany. He was in the Albert Einstein Foundation, New York Montefiori Hospital Lung Transplant team in the 70’s. He has a website at which speaks loud and eloquently on the merits of ONDAMED® and what he has been able to achieve with it in his clinic. He says:

“I have been using these data (from ONDAMED®) since 1997 and consider them as a gift from a true genius. They have been most reliable and beyond question to me. They have been a cornerstone both for me and about 4,000 patients in my daily practice throughout these years”.

Numerous other practitioners have attested to the unparalleled efficacy of ONDAMED:

Burton Goldberg, Ph.D. Hr. says "In my opinion, ONDAMED® is one of the most astounding devices I have ever seen. I have witnessed several sessions and I am amazed at the fast and lasting effects this system offers."

Steven J. Bock, M.D., ACCUP. says "Patients with neuropathy who use ONDAMED® have up to 90% of their pain relieved".

Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., C.N.S. says "This is the future of medicine".


Excellent Results Are Guaranteed

Whether you are a national policy maker in government, medical practitioner, alternative or veterinary medicine practitioner, nutritionist, dietician, massage therapist, sports manager/coach, personal fitness trainer, farmer, horse racer or simply a private individual interested in always keeping in good health, you need to pay serious attention here.

ONDAMED® will yield for you results in your field of work that you never thought possible. Probably the most dramatic results of ONDAMED® have been on the resolution of pain and the establishment in its place of a feeling of well-being. Cases like Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, HIV & AIDS, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, autism, osteoporosis and various other such conditions that have, up till now, proved intractable have shown a startling turn-around with ONDAMED®.

The ONDAMED® practitioner does not send the patient home with pharmaceuticals, remedies and recipes; he helps them back to health right there and then with unprecedented immediacy.


Adequate Nutrition and Detoxification are Facilitated

It is impossible to speak of good health and wellness without a reference to adequate nutrition. Until now, attention has been almost entirely focused on ill-health resulting from deficient diets. Any patient showing signs of a deficiency in some dietary nutrient is immediately flogged with the nutrient in the hope of making up the lack. Little or no attention is paid to how the nutrient is handled by the body which, quite often, is the underlying cause of the deficiency to start with.

A body that has, through some latent illness, become incapable of adequately handling a particular vitamin for instance will show signs of the deficiency of the vitamin, but will hardly be helped by the provision of more of that vitamin. A resolution of the body’s ability to properly metabolise the said vitamin is necessary if the deficiency is to be effectively corrected.

ONDAMED has a nutritional module that detects any substance that is being abnormally handled by the body and corrects such anomalies, such that subsequently, the metabolism of the said substance becomes optimised, rendering the patient now able to be helped by the dietary provision of the substance in question. And hand-in-hand with this goes a process of detoxification which occurs every time the device is used.


Good Health and Well-being Come With Ease and Convenience

Anything from 1 to 20 sessions of treatment may be required depending on the state of the body concerned, but the process of self-repair is jump-started right from the beginning in every case.

The process is a very simple and completely non-invasive one from start to finish. Even the removal of clothing is not required and anyone can do it for themselves in the privacy of their home if they so wish. Waves of known frequencies are the healing elements employed by the device, hence the 'ONDA' (meaning wave in Latin) forming its part name.

The general experience has been that with the commencement of ONDAMED® treatment sessions, users get rapidly weaned off on-going drug treatments with the latter being finally jettisoned completely. With the rapid onset of recovery and a feeling of well-being, users are often heard to say ‘I forgot to take my drugs’!

Alongside the healing that unfailingly results from the use of ONDAMED®, a psychological shift that permits a change in attitude of the user simultaneously occurs, letting in restoration to health.

In brief therefore, ONDAMED® restores the body’s ability to heal itself, based on the incontrovertible truth that radiant good health is the natural state and birthright of every human being.



ONDAMED® is about the size of a Video Cassette Recorder. Its exact dimensions are: 18.5" x 14" x 4". It weighs 27 Ibs (12 Kg).

ONDAMED® has a short learning curve for anyone who wishes to use it. It comes with a Training CD which clearly and very simply demonstrates and instructs on how it is to be used. You may therefore commence its usage immediately if you so wish.

Otherwise and in addition, you (and any 2 other persons of your choice) will be provided a free two-day training after which you will be fully functional in operating it. There are no pre-requisites at all to learning to use the device.

Depending on your inclination, additional refresher courses and advanced training are also available although these are not required for its regular use. Many practitioners have been personally trained on the device and have not had the need for any further training.


The Taste of the Pudding......

You can get a feel for the blessings that ONDAMED® can bring into your life and indeed, has brought into the lives of others, practitioners and patients alike, by listening to recordings of ONDAMED teleconferences held in the last few months here.

ONDAMED® telephone conferences dialled into by many practitioners and users of the device world-wide are held once every 3 to 4 weeks in which experiences, questions and suggestions are shared and discussed. If you would like to listen in to the next conference, simply send an email to and the telephone number and code will be sent you for access. You may also send any questions arising to

Furthermore, you may email for information on when and where the next free ONDAMED® Demonstration and/or Training session will take place.


OK!......But Really, Why ONDAMED and Not Some Other Device?

* CE approval in Europe

* FDA registration in the U.S.

* Overwhelming simplicity of use guarantees that you hit the ground running with it (No tuition fees, no elaborate syllabus, no exams to sweat over. Just two days of FREE training required)

* On account of simplicity, practitioner skill is, as such, eliminated as a factor in successful treatment

* Easy saleability to patients

* Scientific Endorsement by Dr. Jim Oschman (ONDAMED® is the only technology he endorses)

* Scientific Endorsement by Dr. Valerie Hunt (ONDAMED® is the only technology she endorses)

* Several Clinical studies in Germany, Denmark and in the U.S., some completed already and showing very highly significant results

* On-going education in this emerging field provided by a variety of well known scientists and practitioners

* Access to some of the most brilliant minds in the field of energy medicine, such as Dr. Jim Oschman

But besides all of these, what really separates ONDAMED from other energetic devices is that through its unique vascular autonomic signal bio-feedback method, the directive for treatment comes authentically from the patient's system rather than from the practitioner. Whereas with other devices, the practitioner offers the patient what he suspects the patient needs, with ONDAMED, the practitioner is right there and then, told by the patient via his pulse feed-back response where and what (i.e. with which frequency) to treat…..and within minutes results start to show, culminating in a restoration to health of the patient.



In other words, the most important advantage that ONDAMED confers is that it completely eliminates the unfortunate circumstance in which the practitioner must  treat a patient knowing very well that he has no precise idea what is wrong with him – as happens many more times than many practitioners will care to admit.



What a breath of fresh air for all concerned! What liberation for the practitioner! What a release from undue and unwanted pressure. And what joy and relief for the patient also!


Purchase Leasing

The ONDAMED® device may be purchased via a leasing arrangement. This makes it possible to acquire the device without having to tie down capital needed for other things. With a fixed monthly payment that will not change throughout the term, this may be preferred to a loan because the equipment serves as its own security at a very attractive rate. Should this be your preferred option, you may email for more details.


A Solid Guarantee

The ONDAMED® device comes with a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with it. Furthermore, there is a 1-year replacement/repair warranty should you have any problems with it subsequently.


ONDAMED’s efficacy and overwhelming success is attested to by the numerous success stories pouring in daily. With this device, the practice of medicine has indeed moved on to an all-time new level. Evidently, it is the Will of All-That-Is that the process of the human body’s restoration to health shall no longer remain an inscrutable art.


“In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists” - Eric Hoffer


For further reading on why you cannot afford to be without ONDAMED® please select a category above that best describes you. Thereafter, you may send any questions arising to


A free ONDAMED brochure and DVD are available on request. To obtain them please send an email with your name and address details to, indicating whether you are a practitioner or a patient.


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